03  Co-op Business study


Goal /

The goal of this project is to recreate a cohesive visual system for an existing business. In order to effectively convey the service intentions, this project required us to develop at least three levels of information and use the context to design three sets of deliverables.


Approach /

The chosen business is from Rainbow Grocery, a warehouse co-op market located in San Francisco. They provide a range of affordable organic vegetarian grocery items, bulk goods and supplements. Their mission is to offer an inclusive environment for local communities. Based on their mission statement, I focused on helping the grocery share the concept of cooperative shopping as the overall design direction.

To leverage the vernacular of a friendly local business, I created a warm, rustic, and informative visual system that believes in the power of neighborhood support. The deliverables share a neutral color palette, crafty texture, and appetizing imagery that promises to offer fresh local produce as a new way of sustainable living.